Club Committees

Club Committees 2015-16

The first named is the chairperson of the relevant committee and the second named is the deputy.

Club Board –  Brian Foley, David Brunt, Carol Quayle, Len Dawson, Graeme Bruce, Bob Travers, Jack Cooper, Jeff Needham, Kay Gordon

 Community – Len Dawson, Glenyse Cooper, David Brunt, Jill Brear, Don Van, Don Butler, Drew Libbis, Jack Cooper, John Hoffmann, Sylvio Tang, Damian West, Jillian Van, Carol Quayle

International – Jack Cooper, Brian Schauer, Barry Donaldson, Rob Goode, Keith Carpenter, Cliff Riley, Clem Quick, Mike Woods, George Aivatoglou,

Vocational – Jeff Needham, Rob Goode, Sylvio Tang, George Aivatoglou, John Fowler, Paul Taranto, Kay Gordon, Carol Quayle

Youth (New Generations) – Bob Travers, Jill Brear, Don Van, Clem Quick,

Marketing/Public Relations – Paul Taranto, Mike Woods, Len Dawson, John Fowler

Rotary Foundation – Jack Cooper, Brian Foley

Strategic Planning – Jeff Needham, Carol Quayle, Brian Foley, David Brunt

Partnerships – Brian Foley, Bob Travers, Jeff Needham, Jack Pyziakos and Kathy, Kay Gordon

Program – Glenyse Cooper, Rob Goode, Paul Taranto, Brian Foley

Membership – Paul Taranto, Kay Gordon, Glenyse Cooper

 Other Projects and Activities

Treasurer – Graeme Bruce, Keith Carpenter

Sergeant-at-Arms: Jack Pyziakos, Paul Taranto, Keith Carpenter

Projects Coordinator – Jack Cooper

Bulletin and Website – Brian Foley

BBQs – Jack Pyziakos, Rob Goode, Keith Carpenter

 Golf Days – Barry Donaldson, Jack Cooper, Keith Carpenter, Russ Hellier, Don Van, Cliff Riley, Clem Quick, Mike Woods

 Art Show – Jack Cooper, Jeff Needham

  • Helpers – Paul Taranto, Jill Brear, Don Butler, Len Dawson, Brian Foley

 Gnome and Fairy Festival – Jack Cooper, Jeff Needham, Len Dawson.

  • Helpers – Paul Taranto, Jill Brear, Don Van, Don Butler

Social Events –  Paul Taranto, Kathy Pyziakos, Kay Gordon

Used Stamps Collection – Brian Foley